Baby Don’t Get Cold Outside

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din-jacket-backMy puns and seasonal music references may need a bit of work, but your routine won’t with this adorable dino coat from Any parent knows that getting a child to wear any clothing, let alone a jacket to leave the house in the winter, is a challenge. Screaming ensues, and all is lost. Say you do get the jacket on. Once the little guy learns the zipper trick it is all a crap shoot. Solution of the season: dino coat!

This is not just a coat. This is a magic coat. This can magically turn your little one into a dinosaur or dragon of their choosing. Life is so much better with make believe. Instead of a struggle turn leaving the house this winter into play time. Dragons are never cold. As we all know they breathe fire!

The magic dino coat comes in blue and grey. Sizes are available to fit sizes from ages 1-7 years old. The best part? It won’t bdino-jacketreak the bank when you have to buy a new one next year. Save even more by using our verified Popreal discount codes at check out.

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