Junk Food For Bikini Season

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Woman laying on donut beach towel on the sand

Round beach towels have been all the range, but all of the patterns are a bit yogi hippie for me. While very zen and useful, not exactly reflective of the summer experience I am after. Dreadlocks and hipster clothes have their place. That place is some random coffee shop, not my beach trip. Not unlike many Americans my beach trips and summer shenanigans are filled with bright colors a junk food. What? It’s true.

If this sounds at all familiar, do you just skip out on the round craze or lug around a beach accessory you only kinda like? Neither. Junk food round towels are swooping in for the rescue. They boast all of the same attributes such as size and function of the hippie rounds. Actually they are a bit large than most of the rounds on the market. You can even have a junk food towel specifically catered to your taste. Sweet tooth? Grab the sprinkled donut beach towel. More of a pepperoni kind of person? No problem. There is a pepperoni pizza beach towel for that. There is even the ever popular cheeseburger beach towel. With options like these you can even get a fun gift for that man in your life that you can never manage to find a damn thing for.


Get your Junk Food Beach Towel Here!

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