How To Make Your Clothes Fly Off This Summer

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Multi Color Butterfly Cover Up Wrap


Multi Color Butterfly Cover Up WrapThey might not actually fly off, and please don’t fly off the handle over my titles. Funny? No? Well I try.

Hot weather often means time by the pool and light clothing. Well you can’t just walk to and from the pool in just your swimsuit. What if it is a pool at a resort? What if you have to drive there? What if you just don’t want to walk around in just your swimsuit all day? The easy go to is a towel wrap. Those aren’t cute. Loose clothing is easy to get on and off, but the get soggy.

The answer to your summer needs is most often a resounding “COVER-UP”. Cute lacey crocheted looking things to slide on over your swim suit. if you have ever tried one of these guys, they suck. Great for a photo-shoot. Not so great in functionality. A vast number of them even have long sleeves. I don’t want freaking long sleeves at the pool unless I am bundled in a parka. The kicker is that they are all, I am telling every freaking lacey cover-up, are pull overs. While pulling your shirt over your head in slowmo might look sexy in the movies, it is a hot mess when I do it.

Ok lacey is a pain. What about all the sarongs and scarf cover ups? They boast being able to tie them into eight thousand different styles. One piece of material can be your entire new summer wardrobe. Not in my world. First of all I am neither and origami specialist or contortionist that all those fancy wraps require. Second of all you have to be the size of an Asian supper model to be able to wrap the damn things far enough to make the interesting looks. So sarongs aren’t working out so well either.

Simply loop wraps. That is where the sweet spot is. Simple loop swimsuit wraps are light weight, actually cover what they are supposed to, and are easy on and off. All you have to do is put one arm in the strap, wrap around, and put your other arm through the other strap. No contortion and sailors knots required. Not to mention that they come in more patterns than lace or Hawaiian. Sold

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Oh did you get the joke yet? Butterfly. Clothes flying off. Ok so my stand up routine will probably need a bit of work before the Netflix special.

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