On My Drone

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selfie-droneSelfie sticks are soo last year. Drones are all the rage this season. All joking aside, the things these selfie drones can accomplish really is amazing. There is no more need for a photographer to take the family portrait in this year’s newsletter when you can easily be your own photographer.

The Zerotech DOBY Pocket Selfie Drone is my pick for this season. Like the tittle says the drone folds to fit in your back pocket, and is even lighter than the average smartphone. This drone stands apart from the rest in that you don’t need a dock for your phone and toggles to navigate the drone. It is operated directly from the downloadable app on your phone. To kick the Star Trek tech up a notch it is also gesture interactive. You can guide the flight by gesturing. In the same vein it also has face track that will remember your face as focus and follow snap that enables the drone to follow moving objects while filming.

Zerotech DOBY Pocket Selfie Drone will allow you to capture every moment this holiday seasons. You can even catch grandma doing her magic in the kitchen without getting underfoot!

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