How One Bracelet Can Get You Out of Traffic Tickets

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Bluetooth Headset Bracelet

Talk BandWe all know that you should only use your phone hands free in the car. As of late it is illegal otherwise. So pop in your bluetooth and bing bang boom the problem is solved. Well not so much. When was the last time you remembered to bring you bluetooth? Or if you are on of those people that keeps on in the car at all times, how often is your bluetooth dead when you go to use it? Well hell doesn’t look like the whole bluetooth headset thing is working out so well.

Solution: Huawei TalkBand B3 Bluetooth 4.2 Headset Smart Bracelet. This little guy is essentially a convertible wearable to bluetooth headset. It has all the fun bells and whistles of a wearable like activity tracker, call notifications, time, and more. Pop the headset out of the band and it is a fully functional bluetooth headset. While charging your bluetooth headset is practically impossible to remember, I know you always remember to charge that Fitbit. In the same fashion with the Huawei TalkBand B3 Bluetooth 4.2 Headset Smart Bracelet will always be with you and on your list to charge every night, and keep you hands free compliant.

Band come in different colors and specialty designs for your needs

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Bluetooth Headset Bracelet

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