Slimming Santa Leggings

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santa-leggingsThe holidays are upon us, and so are the cupcakes, cookies, and homemade treats galore. If you having anything in common with… every person I have ever known or met, there is no skipping out on all of the treats that most of us only see once a year.

I am here to tell you that there is no fear. These slimming Santa leggings from Dresslily will be your new best friend this Christmas. These leggings will keep your spirits flying with holiday cheer. Aside from their festive pattern that can be worn to yoga, around the house wrapping presents, or a ladies night in evening, they are also high waisted creating their name sake slimming. The high waist creates greater coverage for cool weather and pulls the waist in all while smoothing your silhouette.

They are perfect for staying motivated and getting into that morning yoga class to keep the holiday bulge at bay! They also allow more room for that fudge grandma made… I’m just sayin’.

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