How to Steal an Anti-theft Backpack

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Check out BangGood; that’s how. OK shameless click-bait title acknowledged. Let’s move on, shall we?

The market is flooded with backpacks, and in this day and age what is the most important that you put in said backpacks? Your laptop. Whether the backpack is for work, school, or play, chances are your laptop is making its way into that bag pretty much every time it hits your shoulders. So finding a backpack for your laptop should be no problem, right? Everyone hauls around their laptops, and most backpacks have laptops sleeves anymore. Wrong. If you have a smaller screen on your laptop, not a problem. If you are like me and have a 17″ things become a bit more difficult. There are backpacks out there, but they aren’t usually the most attractive things to look at and often cost an arm and a leg.

The day has com that I too have found a backpack to fulfill my 17″ laptop needs. The Flax Anti-Theft Backpack sold by BangGood has come checked all of my boxes. First and foremost it holds my 17″ laptop, but it’s got a few other bells and whistles I am excited about. For secure protection this laptop backpack features anti-theft cut-proof straps and a secure body pocket (located between the bag and your back) for your most important items such as passports and money. While secure, it is also comfortable with ventilated pads on the body and straps for a bit of cushion and sweat prevention. To bump comfort up another notch this laptop backpack also features and elastic baggage strap to give your shoulders a break on travel days and attach your backpack to other rolling luggage. Finally the bells and whistles I enjoy the most: storage and functionality. The main compartment features a laptop sleeve for a 17′ laptop, a smaller tablet sleeve, pen holders, ample storage, and an additional small pocket for organization. It also has the new gold standard in bags, external USB charging. Because who can live without that anymore? On the strap is a little feature I find the most convenient, a card holder. There is a small pocket on the strap just large enough for a card. Instead of having to root around in your bag for your ID badge, access card, or something of the like, you can simply pull it from your strap.

You can find the Flax Anti-Theft Backpack at BangGood. The bag is currently sold in two colors, black and grey. Hurry over because for a limited time you can pre-order your new 17″ laptop backpack for 60% off! That is a $54 savings.

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