Time For Your Party Face

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brush-setFamily holiday memories are forever, and so are the photos. The holiday season is no time to forget about your party face. Do you want to look back over family Christmas photos and remember all the great times, or spend a silent (or sometimes not so silent) moment in terror of your own photo? I exaggerate, but we do all have that urge to look our best.

The latest in makeup tools this year is the oval brush. At first glance they appear to be odd little toothbrushes. After a use they appear to be little god given. The construction on the brush allows for a greater density of bristles (up to 10x the fibers of traditional brushes) to create a fuller coverage with a light airbrushed looking finish. In my mind they look like high class Victorian hair brushes.

Start your new makeup routine this season with this 11 piece set from Newchic. Not only do these brushes delivery superior application, but they are also cruelty free. They boast nylon bristles in place of commonly used animal hair bristles. Nylon fibers make these brushes the more sanitary option. Animal fibers attract and harbor bacteria that nylon repels. I will go with the bacteria reliant for the facial use myself.

Your new beautification routine starts now!

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