How to Use our Coupon Codes

How to use our Coupon Codes

Using our Discount coupon codes are super simple.  Best of all, it is entirely 100% FREE for you to use.  You will not have to sign up, create an account, or give over your private email address.  As you have likely noticed already, our partner stores have a “coupon code”, “promotional code”, or “discount code” text box in the checkout area of their website.  And now you want to save some money with a free coupon code.

Here are the step by step instructions:

Step 1:

Find the coupon code or offer you wish to redeem on our website.  The discount codes can be found on our homepage, on each individual store page, or by using the search feature at the top.

Step 2:

Once you have found the promotional code or offer you wish to redeem, you will want to move your mouse over the deal’s listing and look for the link in the bottom.

If the deal you wish to redeem is an “offer”, you will see this link:

If you see the “Visit Website” link, this means that no coupon code is needed.  You simply have to click the link, and we have coded the offer directly into the clickable link.  When you click the link, the offer will be pre-loaded and we will open the website in a new tab.  Simply choose that tab and make your purchase to receive the pre-loaded offer.

If the deal you wish to redeem is requires a coupon code, you will see this link:

If you see the “click to reveal” link, you simply have to click on the text to reveal the code hidden behind the blue overlay.  When the coupon code is revealed, either write down the code, or copy it to your clipboard to paste it later.  You will then be directed in a new tab to the partner’s official website.

Other option:

If you click the Text title within the coupon code listing instead of the “click to reveal” button, we will open a popup window displaying the coupon code as seen here:

Here you can copy the promo code to your clipboard, or simply write it down for use later in the checkout page at the official website.  You can also leave the discount code a rating – helping future users know if the code worked for you or not.  Additionally you can signup for our monthly email newsletter to stay updated with the latest discounts.

Step 3:

Navigate to the vendor’s official website tab that is now open, do your shopping, and go to their checkout pages.  Within the Checkout area of their website you will see a box that will look similar to this:

The style, and location of this box will change on every partner website.  Bottom line, you are simply looking for a text box to type in or paste your new discount coupon code, and apply it to the shopping cart.  Once you hit “APPLY”, “ENTER”, etc. you will be given a message on whether your coupon code was accepted or not.  It is very common for discount codes to only be valid on specific products, so make sure you are choosing the correct items.  Also, some coupon codes expire prematurely.  If your coupon code does NOT work, try another on our list.  We update and verify our official promo codes every week.

That’s it!  Super easy.  Enjoy your free discount!